Need backup/shadow copy solution for Windows XP.

I am looking for a free or commercial product solution to run on Windows XP that makes shadow copies/backups of my files. Something that, lets say I accidentally overrwrite my Excel document and save it then close Excel, could be able to recover the contents of that file from X amount of hours ago, or perhaps 1 day ago.
I understand this might take up much disk space, which is why only a few certain files/extensions would be included.

I'm just trying to locate a good reliable product that can provide this type of backup.
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Have you considered the builtin backup solution in XP?  Here is a guide to using it in a situation like you are describing:

Also, here's a link to a similar discussion on this site about this same topic:
My friend from your question what i am getting is you want 2-3 different things which are Backup solution, Data Recovery solution and Shadow copy solution. Lets see all of them one by one

Backup Solution

1.Windows NT backup
3.IBM Tivoli
4.Backup Exec

Data Recovery solution

1.Recover my files (
2.ZAR (

Image or Shadow Copy solution

1.Norton ghost
2.Acronis True Image
For backup i would suggest using Drive Snapshot
It is lightweight, portable, and works for free 30 days. You won't regret after trying it
I use Shadow Protect for my RAID setup, although I do only full backup I know that this program also does incremental backups and that will decrease space requirements. 
You can take a look at
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the options. We'll have to explore each of these to see which one works best in the long run.
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