worth fixing broken LCD tvs?

There is a 46 inch sharp lcd tv. There was a little girl who came in the home hit the tv with a heavy toy; the screen did not break, but now there are stripes of colored lines very clearly seen in the TV when it is on.

is it worth fixing by taking to best buy or other retailers like that? Any suggestion regarding this?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Unless you can buy one used (not likely at that size), my guess (working the LCD screens from vendors) is that the screen as a repair part will probably cost more than the TV did. Check carefully, though, to get a factual quote on repair. ... Thinkpads_User
hi! there it seems you had broken the LCD Display unit itself! My friend it is the whole and sole in a LCD TV, it forms the major share of the cost of TV itself, You may have to replace the whole LCD unit which ofcourse is not a deal worth considering Price/cost wise! as it would cost slightly less than a brand new LCD TV itself.
If you are considering about reliability it will be reliable in the long run even if you replace the LCD unit as you are in essence going to have a brand new TV in place with an old/Original outer shell ;) !

I would strongly recommend you to take he TV only to Sharp Service centre near you, as they wont charge you the excess convenience charge charged by others ! and you will have to pay the minimum service charges if any! i would advice you to take the TV to service center atleast once and get it checked and get a detailed quote of repairing! once you ascertain that its the LCD Display Unit itself and Cost of repairing is somewahte same as a new brand TV,  You can take the decision as per your requirement!

hope this helps !

http://www.sharpusa.com/CustomerSupport/ServiceLocator.aspx   please follow this link to locate your authorized service!
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Whatever you do but remember to protect the LCD from hit.
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, there is probably a thin piece of protective plastic between the two panels. If there is, you can simply replace that.  It's possible the plastic is simply displaced in a few small sections
Read this on How LCDs Work
and you'll understand once the front panel filter is damaged the entire process of the of how the light and reflect process runs is interrupted and will nolonger function correctly
Probaby can have it repaired. No harm in asking
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
Great advice. I am going to check with the sharp folks. thanks much.
Hoping the best for you.
Regards Merete
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