Date format in subject field of email

I have created a form and two of the fields in the form use the 'Date Picker' control. I got those dates to come through to the Subject field of the email that is generated when the user clicks 'Submit', but the date is coming through in the format "2010-4-26". I would prefer the format "26/4/2010" but cannot see if it is possible to change that.
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
substring-after(substring-after(date, "-"), "-"), "/", substring-before(substring-after(date, "-"), "-"), " /", substring-before(date, "-")

This would give you day / month / year
You just have to use substrings to get the characters you need then recombine them.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
That is the raw date format.

The only way I know is to use substring commands to get the year, dat and month seperated and then concat them back together.

substring-after(substring-after(date, "-"), "-") would get the day field.
HarknessHenryAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, that gave me the day, when I substituted "Date" with "Field6" (the field that contains my date picker control). Sorry, I don't know what part of that formula you gave me means that I got the day as opposed to the month or year, so can you tell me how I now get the month and year? I have already used the concat command to allow me to put some text as well as a field in my Subject field so I am reasonably familiar with how that command works, but have no idea how I would use it to return my day, month and year.

Thanks for your help.
HarknessHenryAuthor Commented:
Awesome, that works well! Thanks a lot
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