Outlook 2007 wont send any largish attachments,

Outlook 2007 wont send any largish attachments. You send an email with an attachment, say 3 mb and it seems to send but then you immediately get back a blank email with only the subject line.
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dainesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check with Outlook 2007 in safe mode..

To do this, click on Start menu=> then click on RUN and type outlook /safe & click ok

Try sending the attachment again.. Let me know the result
ComputerBeastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
3 MB is such a big attachment. You should prefer any other email client to email this attachment.
amaimanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running in an Exchange environment or are you using Outlook to access an ISP account via POP3 or IMAP?

Most likely the administrator of the outgoing mail server you're using has set a maximum size limit on outgoing messages which you are exceeding.  Normally you'd get back a message with the details of the limitation, but if the server isn't configured correctly, you might not.

Or are you the administrator of the mail server?  If so, there are some additional troubleshooting steps that can be tried.  (Is this only occurring on one PC or for one user, or is it happening to everyone who uses that server?)
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chnzchnzAuthor Commented:
Its a pop3 account. Also when i take his laptop to my work its works fine! We are on the same ISP.
Safe mode didnt work.
I would bed to differ that 3mb is big.
amaimanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So if you use this laptop to send e-mails at work, it's fine, but using the same laptop at home (using the same instance of Outlook) fails?

It lets you send smaller e-mail successfully from home?
chnzchnzAuthor Commented:
No answer
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