Avoiding circular reference with Filemaker portal calc

This should be easy, but I'm missing something. I'll simplify for my example.
On a monthly budget sheet there two portals, one showing invoices for screwdriver purchases, another for wrenches (one table for each tool). Sometimes, both tools are bought from the same supplier, however.

I need to find a way to sum the invoice amounts on the portal rows by supplier, so if we've bought screwdrivers and wrenches from the same company we can pay them with one check.

Pulling out hair, thanks in advance!
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I think the absolute easiest way would be to duplicate your lineItems table.
On that layout, add a sub-summary part when sorted by supplier ID or supplier name. Add in a summary field on amount - and place it in the sub-summary section.
Now all you do is find all the line items by invoice, by date range, whatever. Sort, then print this layout.

That should do it.

There is a "fancy-pants" way to do it where you build a new relationship based on a startDate, endDate, and supplier ID global fields added to budgetSheet. They would relate to the supplier ID, and the transaction date in the lineitems record. Add a SUM statement to sum the AMOUNT field on this relationship.
Then, you just enter a start date, end date, and the supplier ID...and it should show you the total.
wtmusicAuthor Commented:
A good solution, possibly none better available in Filemaker
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