Replace Dell dimension 8400 motherboard with raid 1 without losing data

I have dell 8400 with raid 1 data. The motherboard is dead. The raid controler is embeded in the motherboard. How to replace the motherboard without losing data. Because I have very important data there. On that time I thought with raid 1 was enough to protect the data, without thinking that this dead motherboard would give me trouble.
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If you replace the motherboard with same make/model/firmware, then no problem, just reproduce the original bios settings then fire it up and the new motherboard with "learn" the old config.

Otherwise, you need to do something you won't like .. buy some 3rd party software that strips off the controller-specific metadata, saves the RAID1 to JBOD, then build a new RAID1, then restore it.   Check out 's RAID reconstructor.

Reason why this is not plug & play is that the actual location, size, and offset for the RAID metadata has no industry standard. The runtime problem will figure out where the protected filesystem starts/stops and the partition(s) begin, and migrate it all.  

Note, you have 1 potential problem.  If the new controller uses more metadata than the one you have, then it just won't work. The resulting disk local disk drive won't be big enough
Robert PraschCommented:
If you can find an identical motherboard that is proven to work with your original motherboard that should work, I would try and call Dell or search for an identical motherboard as a replacement. If you get the same raid controller their should be no problem.

If you still cannot see your files or the drives do not work with the hard drives, you can use a SATA Drive to USB adapter to hook up to your computer and use the drive as an external hard drive, then you may copy essential files at will.
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