will the CDDB Database automatically update the tags for a list of MP3 files?

Hi Everyone;

         A couple of weeks or so ago I was able to successfully use CDex and configure it to automatically connect to the remote CDDB database.  Therefore, when I loaded the audio cd with the .cda files on it, the CDDB database was able to quickly locate the correct title of the song in addition to the artist.  Now, at this point, I would like to go a step further and see if the CDDB database can find tags for MP3 files as well.  This will come in handy in this situation because I have a friend with a list of MP3 files which only indicate a track number and nothing else when playing on the mp3 player.  It would be nice to have song titles and artists for these unknown tracks.  

          Any help for successfully tagging MP3 files will be greatly appreciated.  As indicated, I have been using CDex to find tags for .cda files by connecting remotely to the CDDB database, but, I have never used it for MP3 files.  It would be very nice if this application can do the same for MP3 files.

           Thanks in advance for any help rendered to this question.

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technically it's not really feasable as CDDB basically works by looking at the CD's TOC (table of contents), and generating a number based on the length of tracks (in minutes, seconds and frames, IIRC)
If you don't have this magic number, you can't look up the info in CDDB. You also can't generate the number unless you have the TOC of the entire CD (i.e. it can't be generated from a single track).
So in order to get information on mp3 you'll need a 3rd party tool that speaks the CDDBP protocol for getting audio"

MusicMatch Jukebox was one
Have you tried Winamp?
 mp3 is not the recognised format for the CDDB> CDA is
If you take an MP3 that was ripped on the PC with few ID3 tags, it's very likely the CDDB tag info isn't there any longer, unlike the CDA ripped in WMP it may still retain it,  as WMP acts as the CDDB lookup
Wave is another that the CDDB supports.
try this, I have not tested them
When doesnt exist any information (filename or mp3 tags), the solution is try MusicBrainz. It identifies songs from mp3/ogg (without any tags present) and tags them. It works by comparing the TRM acoustic fingerprint of an audio file to their database.

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone;

        Thanks so much for the tips given.  I went ahead and split the points because each answer certainly addressed my question.  I especially appreciate the in-depth and thorough insight shared by Merete in addition to the multiple links given to various tools which can possibly solve what I am wanting to do.  

          On a sidenote, could one of you possibly look at an open question I have?  It has been up for a few days and has yet to be addressed.  The link is http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Misc/Q_26085403.html

           In closing, many thanks once again for a great job done on this one.

Thankyou George happy to have helped out.
Regards Merete
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