ExpandPath("/") is mapping to application root rather than webroot?

We are running CF8 and IIS6.

For some reason, our server has recently ceased to find the local webroot of the application when using ExpandPath("/") and instead now has this mapped to:


Prior to this, using ExpandPath("/") would yield a result of:

[drive]\Inetpub\wwwroot\[current IIS website that the script is running from]

This has caused us problems, as we are a shared hosting environment, and many, many sites on the server interface with the directory structure by first finding the local directory of the website by using ExpandPath("/").

Does anybody know how to reset this or fix this mapping?
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remove the mapping to "/" under server setting -> mappings in cf administrator, if you have it there.

>> For some reason, our server has recently ceased to find the local webroot of the application when using ExpandPath("/")

what changes have recently been made to the server?

bombriderAuthor Commented:
There is no mapping for "/" on the CF server.

Recent changes to the server were;

Applying Cumulative Hotfix 4 for CF 8.0.1
Loading custom JVM on CF server - have since reverted to attempt fixing this without success

JVM arguments are;

-server -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -XX:MaxPermSize=192m -XX:+UseParallelGC -Dcoldfusion.rootDir={application.home}/../ -Dcoldfusion.libPath={application.home}/../lib
bombriderAuthor Commented:
I am increasing the points due to the urgency.
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i remember having this issue, but it was on CFMX like 8 years ago... so unfortunately i can't recall what i did to solve it.

what i would do if i had this issue now is:

1) try to re-run the wsconfig tool to re-configure IIS to work with CF.
2) check any xml config files that were changed by CHF4 and compare them to backup versions (iirc, cf creates a .bak file for xml files it changes when you apply updates). the first file i would look at is jrun-web.xml in {cf-root}/WEB-INF

i can't help you fully (i.e. trying to reproduce this issue) because my dev environment is very different from yours: i use Apache and my CF is a multi-server Enterprise install with 2 different cf versions running in 4 separate instances.
i do have CHF4 installed in one of cf8 instances, but it does not have the issue you are having... which makes me think it may be IIS-related...

you may also want to check :
- if sanbox security settings have been somehow changed (if you are using sandbox security)
- if other instances of cf exhibit the same issue (if you have multiple instances running)

check your {cf-root}/WEB-INF/jrun-web.xml file and see if it has any virtual mappings enabled (i.e. not commented out) and where their physical paths point to.

my google-foo on the subject yielded several mentions of the same problem (most of them cfmx-related, only one cf8-related), but unfortunately no solutions (yet).

bombriderAuthor Commented:
I have managed to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the CF server. Once reinstalled, I have applied the 8.0.1 update and the CH4 hotfix - the error above has not been reproduced.

I will allocate you half of the points, Azadi, for at least giving me good places to attempt to fix this.

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thanks. i wish i could be of more help... but this is one of those 'freaky' issues that are rather rare and very hard to reproduce.

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