What is best way to do autoresponder in Exchange 2007 when used on several mailboxes and gets changed frequently?

Thanks for any help here, as I need to check into experience with autoresponders. Native Exchange 2007 methods and 3rd party are fair game here. We need to have autoresponders on several e-mail addresses. I know we could do these with Out of Office, or with Transport rules. But the deal is that ideally we need them to be able to turn on and off automatically, at certain times of day, every day. (So, basically looking at server-based.) And we need to be able to change them from time to time, so it would be nice to preserve multiple autoresponders and just turn one off and another on for the same address. So, we need some strong autoresponder functionality here... maybe 3rd party. People have mentioned Exclaimer but at first glance, it doesn't seem like it is "primarily" an autoresponder product, although I'm willing to be corrected on that. Comment welcome.
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Hi gs-rho,

Well, it certainly isn't a standard Exchange functionality. I don't know a third-party application for this.
Is it a possibility to make several Transport rules, and enable/disable them by using a scheduled script?
It is not the way you would like it to work, but it is something :)


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gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
Yeah, from what I read in my research of this, Exchang is weak in this area. Do you happen to have any suggestions for how to do the scheduled scripts for Transport rules?
Well, if you configure all the settings in your Transport Rules. With powershell scripts you can enable or disable them on specific times.
It is quite some work to set up, but if you use regular times to enable/disable them it should work.

You have 3 Transport Rules. Number 1,2,3
Number 1 is from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm
Number 2 is from 01:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Number 3 is from 08:00 pm to 08:00 am

Task 1, running every day at 08:00 am:
Disable-Transportrule "3"
Enable-Transportrule "1"

Making 3 Powershellscripts with the command above and schedule them should resolve the different rules for different times issue :)

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gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
Sounds good. I'll try it out.
gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
Still working through this. Thanks for patience...
gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty green with item. I do not have much experience with Transport rules. I have a text that I would like to send out, but when I try to create a Transport Rule, I do not see in Actions any item that could send an e-mail back to the sender and put the text in it... how exactly do I do that?
That's the first issue...

So, then when I configure them, do I substitute 1, 2, & 3 for the names of the Transport rules?

So, this is the command... Enable-Transportrule "auto-morning"     {that's supposed to be in quotes}?

And I've used these to run Exchange processes/changes, but how do I make them into scripts?  Is it anything like making .bat files in the cmd?

Okay, I think I'll be well on my way with some help as I've indicated.  Thanks ahead of time!
gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
Meant to say... I'm familiar with Powershell, but not how to make it into scripts that I can assign in Scheduled Tasks, like .bat files. Thanks.
gs-rhoAuthor Commented:
Okay, that's fair... it wasn't part of the original question.

This should be helpful to those that are wondering ...
Running Windows PowerShell Scripts
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