Taskbar won't run on Server 2008?

I have a strange problem; the taskbar on Server 2008 suddenly won't run.

Does anyone have an idea how to start it? All programs services boot up correctly, just te teskbar doesn't start. I've tried booting other user, tho and it works there.
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Did you accidently drag the taskbar to a minimum size (a small pixel line at the bottom of the screen) or did you check in Taskbar properties 'Auto Hide'?

Is Explore.exe started? Do you have a destop (with icons) at all? Try CTR-ALT-DEL to start the Taskmanager, click on 'File->New' and start 'explore.exe' as a new task. See what happens.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
Fixed it! :-)

I went on to see if the taskbar was crumbled somewhere, and after that I've turned off expanded desktop to my secondary display (projector, not always off). The taskbar somehow moved onto the secondary display, and stayed there.

mrmutAuthor Commented:
Please not the comment below; my taskbar traveled to secondary display.
Press the Windows button, if you had the "Auto Hide" you will see it.
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