Initializing Array as Object Property

I'm having problems with a null reference in VB.NET and haven't been able to find the proper way to initialize the array of objects that are a property of another object.  In C#, you can successfully do the following:

request.Items = new BTUnit[] { unit1, unit2 };

However, I don't know how to do this in VB.  I cannot set the individual values of the array as follows because the array hasn't been initialized:

request.items(0) = unit1
request.items(1) = unit2

Calling request.items.initialize results in a null references.  I also can't use request.items.createinstance because "BTUnit" is not a system.type.

Any ideas?
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Any class in .Net (not matter C# or VB.NET) is inherited from System.Object.

So, you can be sure there is other reason.
Maybe your request object is set to null?
Code below should work
request.Items = New BTUnit() {unit1, unit2}

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CUOL-MISAuthor Commented:
Yes, I thought the same thing.  I tried that syntax previously but the issue is with the class itself.  In the VB app, the class is a partial class that is defined with MustInherit.  In the C# app, the partial class is defined as Abstract.  For some reason, the abstract class in C# inherits the Object class but the mustinherit class doesn't inherit Object in VB.  The class is from a web reference, so I don't know why VS 2005 would treat it differently based on the language.
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