PDA phone comparison : Motorola Dext Android vs Omnia II Windows mobile

I currently hold a Samsung mobile phone that runs Windows 6.1 mobile.

I have more than 1 thousand Outlook contacts & a hundred over SMS messages
that I hope to port over to my new mobile PDA phone.

Due to budget as currently these 2 models came bundled with my
plan at a very good price & I need PDA that has offers both stylus
plus touchscreen, I'm limited to Motorola Dext & Omnia II :

Need views / comparisons.

My requirements :

a) MUST be able to sync/copy old Contacts & preferably my SMS/messages  from
    my existing Samsung PDA over

b) preferably be able to copy calendar ToDo / reminders

c) my current PDA has SMS/message blocker (or firewall) freeware app, so the
    next PDA (running Android or whatever) MUST have freeware tt enables me
    to block messages/SMS from certain tel numbers & ideally  SMS/messages
    that contain certain text (such as "CPU idle", "service resumed") as I get
    something like 20-35 irrelevant SMS/messages from the computer systems
    that I support & would like to be able filter them off (such messages go
   straight to "delete"/wastebasket folder & no ring / alert sound shd be heard).
   Preferably I shd be able to download free Calls Blocker.  So part of the
   assessment is the Net out there has these freeware apps to download

My comparison criteria are :

d) which of the two has better screen responsiveness or touch sensitivity: in the
   very first version  of HTC, I found that I sometimes need to touch a couple of times

e) copy/cut/paste from one app to another : eg: between Contacts, Messages,
    browser.  In the very 1st version of HTC, I can't do copy/paste between
    most app (even from an SMS message's  tel field to the body)

f) clarity of voice as I work in a noisy computer centre

g) not essential but the quality of still photo & video capture (& the sound captured)

h) not essential but the speed of Internet browsing

i) quality of movies (occasional watch movies on the Net
  Heard that Omnia II comes built-in with 8GB of memory, would this help speed up
  the performance of PDA esp for points (h) & (i) ?

j)  heard 4G is coming out soon, so (not essential) would be nice if 4G support is
    available (or ease of upgrade path) : let me know which of the two fits better
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Are you using a Exchange-server for syncing your mail and contacts?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

No, just a simple laptop / notebook with Outlook. I don't use email on my PDA, just
SMS messages, contacts, Calendar/Reminders.  I also use my PDA phone to
occasionally view MSWord docs, PDF docs.

SMS Message (& ideally Call) blockers / firewalls are essential to my life
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Just to add on :

k)can the ppimbackup utility that backup entire image in Windows Mobile  (including
  Contact, SMS messages, Reminders/ToDo items)  be used   to selectively restore
  these items?  Or is there a utility/freeware that can do this (ie backup from
  Windows Mobile & restore to Android)?

l) I was told Windows Mobile has some performance issues (can be draggy)
   - how does Android compares?  On my Samsung PDA Windows Mobile 6.1
     I see a considerable improvement over my 1st HTC (Win Mobile 6.0) or
     WinMobile 6.1 still has known performance issues (watching video,
     browsing Net, sound quality?)

Last month I went from a HTC Touch Pro (with WIndows Mobile) to a HTC Desire (with Android). I am a heavy phone user and I am very staisfied with my choice. Syncing the Outlook items won't be a problem, so your mail and contacts are safe. SMS is another story which I don't know. There are a lot of apps available to do all the extra stuff you want, including SMS-filtering.

In a while Windows Mobile 7 (Windows Phone 7 Serie) will be available, don't know what this brings us. For know I would choose the Android.

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Accepted though not fully answered
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