Can't see attached photo in outlook email 2007

I want to insert an embedded photo using a macro in my outlook email. Below is the <img> tag that i uses.
<img width=800 height=466 id="_x0000_i1032" src="../../../iSURE/Extract/Keng,%20Cheng%20Hoon_image003.jpg">

The problem is, different user will get a different <img> tag (i used view source to see the difference). User A can see the photo, while user B can't. It's apparent that on User B, the photo path is a physical path.

Could this be due the outlook setting? Both user uses Outlook 2007. Please advise.

User A:
<img width=800 height=466 id="_x0000_i1025" src="cid:image002.jpg@01CAE563.B108FE00">

User B:
<img width=800 height=466 id="_x0000_i1037" src="file:///C:\iSURE\Extract\Keng,%20Cheng%20Hoon_image003.jpg">
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Here is something to try... Type in the full path of the emedded image. Example: "www. Instead of using ../../image.
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