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I have a batch file that copies some files, this copying goes very fast and the text flies by very fast. Is it possible to change the text scroll speed in the dos batch environment with a command?
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There is no way I know of to limit the speed of the dos emulator (cmd.exe)
But you can save the content of the box for later viewing.
If your batch file is named abc.bat, you can create a 2nd batch file and have this in there

abc.bat 2>&1 logfile.txt

All output will go into logfile.txt
Might not be very useful to you, but one solution would be to use "more".  You can pipe any output to "more" and it presents the information one screen full at a time, but it does require a key press to show the next page.

For instance you could have in your batch script:


This would show the entire contents of the C drive one page at a time in the dos batch environment.

You could use this : 

With this sample :

@echo off
start notepad.exe
@echo wait 30 secondes
delay 30
@echo we have waited
start calc.exe

Bill PrewCommented:
Agreed, there is no way that I know of to slow the scrolling down in the command prompt window.

But instead of just running the BAT file directly at the command prompt, you can do the following:

CMD /C yourfile | MORE

Where yourfile is the name of the BAT file you are running.  This way when it runs it will pause after each page of output and wait until you tap the spacebar to continue to the next screen.

bergsprekkenAuthor Commented:
Since there is no way of slowing down the text and you stated this and still gave ideas of what else to consider i consider it a excellent answer.
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