HP Lj p1005 keeps going ofline through out netwrok

I have a problem. Sence 2 weeks ago I have had my Hp1005 printers keep either:

A. Failing to print for no reason
B. Going off-line
C. Un-installing themselves

This is over my total network, I have 14 of these printers installed. the only fix for the last weeks was to constantly un-install and re-install the printers. The printers have been in the organization with my sbs2003 server for over a year. It has suddenly happened with nothing in the error logs to remotely explain what is the problem. I have attempted to download new drivers from HP, but I fail because my ISA server keeps blocking FTP (thats another problem all together, the post was NEVER solved). i Have ran virus scans, scanned logs etc. Just cant find the problem.

As of today, the printers will no longer install....
I have half my organization down without printers, this is highly embarrassing. So if anybody has a clue what this is, please inform me.
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Ilya RubinshteynCommented:
When you try to install a printer now, is there anything recorded in either system or the application log? These are basic but,

1) turn off windows firewall on the server
2) turn off RRAS/IAS services
3) remove all references to HP printers and download the latest drivers from HP and then try to reinstall.
hi! there the symptoms  seems more like a incompatible drivers. The fact that there are 12 printers,all of which stopped working properly one fine day points that there might have been an update in your Server OS and the resulting SBS is incompatible with the old drivers. the fact that all 12 are not working rules out any possibility of physical problem, its definitely a software/driver issue.
I strongly recommend you to follow the instructions in HP Service website for HP LaserJet P1005 Limited Printer Or HP LaserJet P1005 Printer (whichever applies to your model)

If you cannot download/connect to ftp I advice you to take the help of any other Computer to download the appropriate hotfixes/firmware updates/driver updates on that system, transferring them to your server later.

once you follow the instructions mentioned there, you can get back here if its still not solved or you have any new doubt!

PerkdaddyAuthor Commented:
I just received the updated driver from HP thru support. They are about as lost as I am... I just tried to install on another user system and no dice, the printer spooler service keeps crashing (CLUE?) I can successfully install on a system that has never had a printer, but I dont know how long that will last. It seems to be printer spooler I guess, and the hp1006dll is what keeps getting pointed to in the technical reports. BUT, I have not the faintest idea WHY that dll is being used.
Ilya RubinshteynCommented:
OK, go to the registry, go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\printername, and change the print processor to winprint, reboot, see if you can get the spooler to stop crasing. If not, use this ms kb to remove all HP printer services and reinstall the print spooler. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324757. I think the problem is that the HP print processor is corrupt, which in turn corrupted your print spooler service.

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