Microsoft Access 2007 displays index not found when linking to dbase 3 file

I am trying to link to a dbase file using Access 2007. The file is viewable in MS Excel using an ODBC> However Access will not allow me to line to the odbc file but uses its internal conneciton wizard.

When i try to connect the connection it made successfully but opeing the table produces an index not found error.

Thanks in advance
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Is it dBase of Visual FoxPro file? What ODBC driver is used in MS Access?

When you click on External Data ribbon in MS Access and then select More a list of available data source options appear. You may select "ODBC Database" from this list and then "Link to the data source by creating a linked table".

After pressing OK a list of available ODBC data sources should appear. If yo select the right one the problem could disappear.

You should also look if the index file is present in the same folder as DBF file. dBase indexes have MDX extension, Visual FoxPro uses CDX indexes.
streetwizardAuthor Commented:
Thanks Pclba.

It is a dbase file. Yes i can create an odbc link but this is very messy. Access 2007 provides a dbase wizard and if i try to use the odbc for a dbase file it tells me that i cannot link ti an isam file in this way.

I am very aware of how to link to files and folders and the qill require more thought than just the standard reply.

Also I user windows 7. I have another user who uses windows xp but has access 2007 they can open the files with no problems.  I just keep getting an index not found issue.

another user gets erroe 8458 proble,m with external database driver. However is i logon to that users computer it works fine for me.

I have installed the latest sevice packs and updates and still no go. Is there a way to check registry settings or something as i mentioned one user on Computer A lets say can access the linked table and another user cannot. Same computer, Same Drrivers, so must be different settings.


If one user can and another one cannot then it points to access rights. You should check access rights to both DBF and MDX file and also access rights to all DLLs belonging to driver used for the database connection.

Also you are not connecting dBase 3 file most probably because such files do not have index attached.

And you still did not answer the question about the driver version. Are you sure dBase drivers are same on all computers?
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streetwizardAuthor Commented:
Hi Pcelba,

Yes All drivers on all computers are the same version. As I stated i can open the files on this computer as one user and not the other. The database files are located on a network folder and the users involved have fullaccess the the databases.  I can connect to the database using a dbase odbc driver or a foxpro driver. I beleive the are foxpro tables but as i stated an odbc link does not suit this application and using the built in dbase wizard of access 2007  does.

I dont believe it is a security problem as the user is a local administroator of their computer. That being said i will check the dll files and see the security rights of same.  I logged on to the computer a a completly new user today and that user had access to the database but the old user keeps getting an dirver error 8458

Thanks for your reply.

This is really hard to help not beeing on-site. Is the problematic user able to connect to a different table?
streetwizardAuthor Commented:
Hi pcelba,

thank you for your perseverance. This is a very frustrating situation. I had two users who had the same problem. I managed to get one user working by updating office 2007 to service Pack 2 and then by rebooting the computer. I tried this on the computer that was giving me the most trouble and this did not work as I mentioned before I can logon as myself on this computer and I have access to the file but if I logon as the local user I do not and the user is a local admin. At this stage I have given up and I have simply installed axis 2003 which gives them access to the database. It seems to me there's a registry are of some sort but I don't know where to look so if you've come across anything like this please let me know. As you have probably figured out at this stage the reason that they assign to 500 points to this question was that it is not straightforward thank you.
One possible solution could be to use a copy of the dBase file without index. You have to create such file in dBase because it will ensure the index flag bit removal. Alternatively you could reset the index presence indicator in some hex edit program.
streetwizardAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.

I am going to close this question as i feel we are moving away from the point fo the question.

1) Linking to a dbase 3 / foxpro file gives error message index not found.
2)  testing has shown that it can be opened in office 2003 MS Access using the dbase file connector wizard.
3) Testing has also show that opeing the file in office 2007 MS Access is also possible using the same wizard.
4) in Access 2007 trying to use an odbc connector gives an isam error message which is to be expected.
5) Logging in as a different user on the same computer. same drivers and same foxpro/dbase file, the file can be linked to and opened.

In conclusion this must point to a user configuration issue. or a registry issue.  The file will not need to have indexes removed. No manipulation is required of the database. It must simply be as I have said.

But where to looK?

Needless to say to get over the problem i have installed access 2000 on the computer alongside 2007 and the user has access to the table in this form.  Not ideal but it get me up and running.
OK, then we may agree the problem is in the user part of registry settings or in its Windows profile. You may try to fix it but it will need much more effort than computer reinstallation probably. You could also delete this user profile from the computer and recreate it again.

You may also start watching and comparing what MS Access is doing in OS when the dBase file is accessed by different users. You may use Sysinternals tools available here:

Without access to the problematic machine is impossible to help in this case. Another option is to ask for support in Microsoft or in one of its partners directly. They are able to delegate an expert which will solve it on site. The question is if this solution which should find the problem is reasonable.

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streetwizardAuthor Commented:
I have given points for effort. However the problem was not resolved and it was impossible to cancel the question or just not award points.
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