How do I restore iCal from a time machine back-up from last wednesday.

Hi Guys,

I have a blackberry bold. I've been syncing it with my MacBook Pro - Running Snow Leopard and using iCal.

Last wednesday was the last time I was in the office - and hence the last time a time machine back up was completed.

When I came in today - all of my iCal events on were gone from the computer - but still on my phone. So what I want to do is re-sync them.

The events on the phone - correspond to the events from last wednesday's back-up. I just want them back in iCal.

I can do this in a few ways I'd imagine - the simplest way would be appreciated.

N.B* - I don't want to do a full time machine restore from time capsule from last wednesday as since then I've done a lot of work.  

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