Cannot open the InfoPath XML file from email - Error Msg "InfoPath cannot open the following file: Form1.xml"


Regarding about the InfoPath issue.

When I created an unfilled form from InfoPath and then I sent the email with attachment of template.xml to the user to fill the form.

The users open the XML document attachment and received an error “InfoPath cannot open the following file: Form1.xml The following form template for the form cannot be found: file:///C:\XXXX\Desktop\template.xsn”.

Then I decided to filled the form on behalf and send it to the users, they open the XML filled form attachment, they receiving the same error.

After conducting research on Google on this issue, I understood that the templates need to be placed locally or place in the shared drive.

Unfortunately, not all the user has InfoPath or same shared drive access.

Is there a way of opening filled or unfilled form XML attachment to the users via email message, for those who has not got InfoPath or doesn’t have accessed to XSN in shared drive. Can it be open in Browser or other options?

I have tested on InfoPath template and filled randomly and sent to the user for testing, it seem to work because the XSN in stored in InfoPath Program File (correct me if I am wrong).

I hope the issue sound clear. It is quite common issue with InfoPath.

Thank you.
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
MOSS is sharepoint enterprise.
You can share the form via SharePoint but the clients need InfoPath or MOSS has to be used.
You can email a view with infopath 2007, but this is not the form but an image of the form, if a readonly image works for you.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
The xsn, or template, is what the xml files are based upon, therefore they must be published and must be accessed to create or modify xml files.  XmL is raw data so the template is essential for the form's formatting, structure, and logic.
The InfoPath client is required to render the forms.  The only way to host forms otherwise is
with MOSS 2007 and InfoPath Form Services, which will host the forms so that they can be completed in a browser.  All users still need permission and connectivity to MOSS as I stated first.
The only other option is to use a host like which will host it for you.
SherryRzvAuthor Commented:

After reading your message. I have been thinking thru on alternative solution. I fully understand bout the MOSS 2007 and infopath.

There is other option is that I have a sharepoint site, I heard infopath integrate with sharepoint but I don't know to do it. If I publish the xsn in sharepoint folder and user click on the template from  sharepoint folder then they filled it up and submit the email to others user, will the user received the filled form if they got sharepoint access?

If this is do-able, then this sound great! is there any particular setup I need to aware of?

Thank you ClayFox
SherryRzvAuthor Commented:
Hey Clayfox,

Manage to get the share point sorted like you mentioned shared via Share point. Cheers.
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