Cisco voice mail to outlook via exchange server 2007

We are looking at VoIP systems for our company and like the voicemail to e-mail type functionality.  Cisco is one of the systems we are looking at.

Our Scenario:
Exchange Server - hosted by third party (ABC company)
Outlook is configured with Http over RPC ( Not SMTP/Pop3)
Cisco Call Manager 7 (Planned)
Cisco Unity 7 (not Express) ( Planned)


1) Please let me know the steps which I have to perform on Cisco side for getting VM to outlook, iPhone/PDa etc...

2) Please let me know the steps which ABC Co. have to perform on Exchange server side.
This is most important so If they cannot do that we will host Exchange server because this VM to outlook /PDA is important to us.

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You can use Unity connection or Unity Express to send voicemails to email. Unity Express will send it to any smtp email address as an attached .wav file. No integration to the phones to know if you have listened to the message to turn off the MWI. Unity Connection is a IMAP server and you can map IMAP port through your local firewall and add a new account to your outlook, blackberry, pda, etc. listen to your voice mails here and the MWI light goes out on the phone. No need to involve Exchange at all. A hosted exchange solution is more problematic because it may/may not be fully integrated into your Active Directory.
Unity runs its own instance of Exchange and AD.
Exchange 2010 has its own voice mail system and may be as simple as a SIP trunk between your call manager and the Exchange server.
ShabAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply..I am not savvy on Cisco Voice... please bear with me.

1) We are using Unity Express on another office, but only internally ( LAN) we are getting VoiceMail to the outlook.( configured VoiceGW ip on to MS outlook)..its working fine...but as you said if its possible to get VM to outlook anywhere(OWA) / PDA with Cisco Unity Express could you please let me know the configuration stpes for get things done?

2) As you mentioned we dont want to host exchange locally instead we also prefer to keep Exchange Hosting with third party. But for our new office if we buy Unity Server (not Unity Express) what are the steps for getting VM to outlook anywhere(OWA) PDA etc..?
I would like to get a documents for configuring latest Unity Server , Unity Connection etc...

Thanks for your help...
are you simply looking to get voicemails to email as an attachment?

if so, CUE is fully capable of doing it..

you simply need to assign a SMTP server (internal or external), setup a vmail from SMTP email address, and enable users for notification & select add voicemail attachment.

this will send voicemails as wav files to users
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ShabAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned
1) we are using Unity Express 3.2 (IP : which I configured on to MS outlook then I am receiving voice mail to my outlook. Since this is created as SMTP separate account we are receiving it on the LAN network..and downloading to outlook local machine.
My Question is how do I access Voice mail to my existing Exchange mail box? (which is hosted by third party) so I can see VM on OWA or PDA(iPhone) etc...

Setup the CUE to forward the voicemails as smtp email to your smtp email address instead of creating a separate IMAP account connection.

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ShabAuthor Commented:
Please see below what I have done on CUE 3.2.1 ...

1) Systems -> SMTP Settings ->
External SMTP Server:
Username:      xxxx
Password:      xxxx

2) User Profile -> Notification -> Email - Ticked and given my company email id( I have tested with my hotmail/gmail id as well - No luck.)

3) Email configuration I have enabled all the settings ( Full week, full time, Attach message to outgoing email notification...etc..)

4) Voice Mail > Integrated Messaging > Service Configuration - Enabled

5) I confirmed from my voice GW I can ping external SMTP server and its port number...

What else I have to done??? Please explain step by step so I could understand...
Really appreciate your help.

ShabAuthor Commented:

Its required port SMTP address with port 25...

From address should be match SMTP domain.

Now we are receiving Voice Mail to our outlook as well as PDA
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