exchange 2003 mailbox move, unable to connect to mailbox once moved.

I have moved a user from server2 to server1. Server 1 and server2 are at different locations. I initiated the move on server 2.
Looking at the ESM (exchange system manager) and expanding the server, storage group and looking at mailboxes i can see the mailbox now exists on server1 and not server2.
When using 'active directory users and computers' on server 1and looking at the exchange properties of the user the mailstore is apparantly on server2. Doing this on server2 says that the mailbox is on server1.

The client is unable to connect to exchange even if I re-create the profile locally on the pc or use webmail to connect.
The client can talk to the machine ok and resolve FQDN ping etc.

I have also done an update on GAL and offline address book.

I also tried to do a move for the mailbox back and this failed (initiated from either server)

I cannot restart the mailstore as there are too many people on at the moment and this is scheduled for tonight just in case.
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I think a remount of your database will do the trick. You also can try to disconnenct the mailbox and reconnect it for that particular user...
After the disconnection of the mailbox, don't forget to run the Clean-MailboxDatabase command. Or else it will take a while before you can reconnect the mailbox.
I think it's wise to first export/backup the mailbox before doing this (because of the strange behaviour right now)


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q2qAuthor Commented:
I backed up the mailbox. deleted it created on the correct server and re-imported from backup. Job worked in 3 mins!
Good to hear it worked. But did you reconnect the existing mailbox, of create a new one.
If you created a new one, it's wise to set the Legacy Exchange DN as an X500 address on the mailbox....
The Legacy Exchange DN can be found in the disconnected mailbox, or in someone's Outlook Cache file....
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q2qAuthor Commented:
I recreated a new one. What is the legacy excchange dn used for? At the moment emais are flowing OK.
The legacy Exchange DN is used by Outlook clients to send mail (when using cache) and when replying to old mail, it also uses the Legacy EDN. Users outside the company don't notice it when changed.
If the users select the user from the address book all is fine and the new Legacy EDN is cached in the NK2 file.
Here is an explenation:
If you look at an NK2 file of a user that mailed to the old mailbox, you see something like:
If you add this (custom) address as an X500 address, all mail will be delivered to the mailbox...
q2qAuthor Commented:

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