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Matt Pinkston
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I have created a view on my SharePoint that I want to add a filter to but not sure how to get it to work.  The list contans the following values:

Solution Lead
Solution Designer 1
Solution Designer 2
Solution Designer 3
Solution Designer 4
Solution Designer 5

I am using this fields as assignment filels that are drop down to team members that match the name at the top of their sharepoint when they login IE. lastname, firstname.

The view I have created called MyDeals is checking to see if the contents of any of the fiields listed above contains the users name.  So if Joe Blow logs on and clicks MyDeals they would see a list of deals that have Blow, Joe in any of the fields listed above.

Is this possible?  Tried using [Me} no go
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That will not work .

But what will work is (If you have a limited list of Users ) you can create a custom Views , limited list.

Create a view ( where Assigned to (userA) )    
Create a view ( where Assigned to (userB) )    

Create Links on the side bar navigation to route to the proper View.

If you are savvy enough you can use SharePoint Designer and create a custom view  and convert it to XSLT Data Webpart  then you can use the dyamic name as in [Me] and [Today] and all those nice vars.


Good Luck.
George Gergues

If you don't want to take it into Designer, you could set your fields as people picker fields instread of a dropdown then your [Me] filters should work.
Matt PinkstonEnterprise Architect


people picker?
Sorry, you would choose the 'person or group' option when creating the column and the field the user would see would be a box where you can pick people's names from a group.  This way SharePoint should reconize when it is [Me] that is viewing the page.

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