Sharepoint Document Library access from silverlight application

I am trying to access a list in sharepoint 2010 from silverlight application and the code I am using for that is below:

             clientContext = new ClientContext("http://sharepoint-one");



             _list = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Shared Documents");




           //  clientContext.ExecuteQuery();

              clientContext.ExecuteQueryAsync(OnRequestSucceeded, OnListDetailsRequestSucceeded);

             int n = _list.RootFolder.Files.Count;

I am trying to get for instance the count of the files inside a list in the last statement in the code above.... I am getting an exception in the first line in the code above :

clientContext = new ClientContext("http://sharepoint-one");

please see the exception in the attached files. why am i getting this why am i not able to access this list? what do you recommend?? My intention is silverlight application is a web gallery and the pictures I want it to get it from document library so i need to access this document library and give it to silverlight to show it as a web part in sharepoint ...i need help thnk you very much !!!

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