new drive on sccm distribution point

I am running out of space on my sccm 2007 server. I have added a new pair of drives (drive F:)but the share SMSPKGF$ share has not been created and as a result sccm is not making use of the extra space.
Does anyone know how to make sccm create this share or do I need to do it manually ?
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ExemplarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello dwm1!

If I'm understanding you correctly, the ConfigMgr will create SMSPKGF$ when SMSPKGE$ runs out of free space.  Essentially, ConfigMgr looks for an available NTFS partition with suffecient free space - it will chose the NTFS partition with the most free space at the time of the package creation.  So, to answer your question:  ConfigMgr will create the new package share.

If you want to force a mandatory change of the package share, it gets a bit more tricky.  I can summarize that too if you need.

dwm1Author Commented:
Thanks very much, that worked a treat. I copied some temporary files to the server e: drive and then prompted a new package distribution which could only fit on the F: drive and it created and copied the file correctly.
Many thanks.
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