VMware VirtualCenter Server won't start

I changed the password of the sa-account on my Virtualcenter server and after a rebooted the server the VMware VirtualCenter Server service won't start. I get the following error message:

"Windows could not start the VMware VirtualCenter Server on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 2".

Any clue?
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That typically happens if Virtual Center cannot 'see' the database. Go into your ODBC connections and reconfigure your DB connection, then do a TEST CONNECTION to see if it's successful; and if it isn't successful, that's why your Virtual Center service won't start. If it isn't, make sure the credentials, etc. are correct.

CaperuzzoAuthor Commented:
I have checked the ODBC and it works fine.
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Saw a couple posts utilizing this solution (see MS KB link within this thread):

CaperuzzoAuthor Commented:
I have checked that one already :-(

g for VMware VirtualCenter, pid=2476, version=2.5.0, build=build-64192, option=Release, section=2
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'App' 2624 info] Current working directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'BaseLibs' 2624 info] HOSTINFO: Seeing Intel CPU, numCoresPerCPU 1 numThreadsPerCore 1.
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'BaseLibs' 2624 info] HOSTINFO: This machine has 1 physical CPUS, 1 total cores, and 1 logical CPUs.
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'App' 2624 info] Log path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'App' 2624 info] Initializing SSL
[2010-04-26 15:28:15.466 'BaseLibs' 2624 info] Using system libcrypto, version 90709F
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.529 'App' 2624 info] Vmacore::InitSSL: doVersionCheck = true, handshakeTimeoutUs = 120000000
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.529 'App' 2624 info] Starting VMware VirtualCenter 2.5.0 build-64192
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] Account name: SYSTEM
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxOsLayer] Enabled low-frag process heap.

[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxOsLayer] Enabled low-frag crt heap.

[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 34 max LROs
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 6 reserved internal LROs
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 6 reserved blocker LROs
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 6 reserved short LROs
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 4 reserved long LROs
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.544 'App' 2624 info] [VpxLRO] 600-second task lifetime
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.732 'App' 2624 error] ODBC error: (08S01) - [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Shared Memory Provider: No process is on the other end of the pipe.

[2010-04-26 15:28:19.732 'App' 2624 error] Failed to intialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down...
[2010-04-26 15:28:19.732 'App' 2624 info] Forcing shutdown of VMware VirtualCenter now
Can you try a reboot of your DB server? Sometimes that is all that's needed as well.

CaperuzzoAuthor Commented:
I have restarted the server several times. I've also tried restarting all the services. I see now the log files says that the sa-password is wrong. Strange cause everything else on the server is accepting my new sa-password.
CaperuzzoAuthor Commented:
BINGO! Thank you very much!

Reset the password and the service started. Everything working fine now!
coolsport00 was also on-track.  I had the same error message and a windows 7024 Error code.  Testing the ODBC connection was successful - but the log files associated with the Database had filled up!  Once the DBA freed up space, I could restart the vCenter service.
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