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I have an issue with GroupWise 7 running on Netware 6.5 SP08 using GWAVA 4 as a GWIA spam scanner.  Both our outgoing and incoming mail seem to have a random delay.  It can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours (occasionally longer) for both incoming and outgoing.  We have tried disabling GWAVA but that did not seem to affect the performance at all.  This does not seem to be an issue with physical resource utilization on the server as it is generally around 5-10% utilization.  We thought that maybe there was an issue with time sync so we upgraded all of the servers to using the NTPv3 service and all are in sync with no change to the email performance.  One thing i did notice is that a lot of outgoing email ends up in the gwia defer directory.  I have changed the resend times for defered emails and this seems to have helped a bit but the domain\wpgate\gwia7\defer directory is still filled with mail going back several days.  I am really out of idea's and would appreciate any help.

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Should be able to take the contents of the DEFER directory and throw them back into the SEND directory. Seems to me too that if you take down the GWIA it might rerun the DEFER directory again on startup, but I can't remember for sure.
The defer directory is for mail that the system wasn't able to send. So .. why can't it send mail? Are your DNS entries all correct? If you watch your system, do you see a lot of 450 errors?

If you run those deferred mails back through, what error are you seeing that's keeping them from going out? Are they mostly for non-existent domains?

What about your send and receive directories? Are they full?

You may have a spam issue that's causing delays ..
BTW, I open the mail (with Notepad) in the Defer directory to see what it is - most of the time it's an attempt by the system to send out a reply to a non-existent spam domain to tell that domain that mail was undeliverable. I've seen thousands of them in there. Quite often you can sort them by size and simply delete them - for instance, I've found that almost all the spam mails are 4k in size. Obvously you have to be careful about this, but if they are more than 10 or 12 hours old, they are usually spam. A "real" domain seldom stays down that long.
ikazraAuthor Commented:
I only see one 450 error and it is to a domain that appears to be legitimately down.  How do I run the mails back through?

The send and receive directories are empty.

After opening the emails in the defer dir it looks like they are mostly indeed spam.

I would agree with NothingSirius.  Messages in the DEFER directory whether spam or legit can cause delivery delays because your GWIA is trying to handle them.  You are good to delete.  Even better, shut down the GWIA and rename the DEFER, SEND, RECEIVE, and RESULT directories and restart that way you save anything that might be legit.  Start cleaning out the old DEFER directory and watch for anything new coming into your new one.

Recently I went to a company where three people are in the system and the DEFER directory had over 1,000,000 items in it, the SEND had nearly 200,000 and the RECEIVE about 80,000.  As you might imagine, they couldn't send or receive.  Upon shutting down the GWIA and looking at some of the messages they were spam, generated from what appeared to be a virus in-house.  I cleaned all of the systems and deleted all of the messages and the system returned to normal.

Hope this helps.

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