Configuring Microsoft Outlook to receive emails from two different exchange server

Hi ,

My laptop is connected to my office domain and my outlook is configured to receive mails from my Enterprise Exchange server.

Furthermore i have another email account from my 'Church' , where they are running their own exchange server.

So can I configure my outlook in such a way that I can receive Emails from my Church Email account , along with my Enterprise Email (office) while it is connected to my Office LAN.
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Dave MessmanIT ConsultantCommented:
The short answer is no.  Outlook is not designed to have two Exchange accounts in the same Outlook profile.  You'll either need to have two separate Outlook profiles or read your church email in webmail.
You can create a second outlook profile.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
To Elaborate more.

you could create a second profile and set it to ask if you would like to pick church or work on startup. then when you want to check church stuff you close outlook and re open it and select church. when you want to go back to work you close outlook and re open it and select work :)

if your church email is set up with hotmail there is a plugin that you can get which would allow you to run both at the same time.. but that is the only way.. you could have your church set up a foward to a hotmail accoun and then configure outlook to point to that for you..?

or you could configure your church emails to point to your work address also..?

let me know if you like these ideas and i can go into more details :)
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nirmal_s19Author Commented:
how to configure my church email to point to work address? Please
Dave MessmanIT ConsultantCommented:
that means have the church admin create a forward to your work email.  Or theoretically, you could POP your church email, I guess.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
again i would have to know how your setup is configured.. if its active directory and exchange based you make the change in AD and you dont have to redirect only.. you can set up a foward and copy..

also if you use a home computer and microsoft outlook you can create a rule that as long as outlook is open can foward your emails to your work address.

how do you access your mail..? website or using outlook..?
nirmal_s19Author Commented:
Also advice me , how to configure my Church account forward to a hot-mail account and then configure outlook to point to that for you..?
nirmal_s19Author Commented:
Yes , my setup is Active directory and Exchange based.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
ok i will try to make this very simple for you so that i can hopefully let you understand and make an informed choice.

1 if you use microsoft outlook there are 2 options
- get your computer guys at church to have the foward set up (they can send it anywhere)
- create what is called a rule (in outlook tools > rules and alerts) saying that eny email that comes into the mailbox should send to your work address.
PLEASE NOTE** the rule option (which is the 1 you can do by yourself) means that the computer and outlook must be open for the rule to continue working. if you close outlook on the church computer/laptop no foward will happen. if its done by an administrator it will be automatic and you will never have to do a thing

if you want to go the hotmail way (which is quite more difficult and personally i believe out of your reach) you must install a patch on your work machine and then configure the mailbox to look for a hotmail address (which you probably dont have right now)

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nirmal_s19Author Commented:
Will the my office Exchange server allow drop off mails for my Church account. Shouldn't I have to configure my office exchange server too?
Scott ThomsonCommented:
what option are you referring to..?
please be more specific
nirmal_s19Author Commented:
I mean do I have to do any changes in my office exchange server to allow the mails from church email in to my mailbox.
nirmal_s19Author Commented:
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