Blackberry Acivation - not updating old emails

When i activate a new users blackberry activation, it does not back date the emails. (This has happened on 3 users so far)Previously this wasnt an issue.
I have delated their their BES user account, wiped the blackberry and activated again. No change.
BES server has been rebooted.
I have also ensured that the BesServer Accounbt has the right permissions in A.D
It has now happened on a number of blackberrys so i am assuming it would be on the server rather than the Blackberry provider
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Check this thread on hwo to increase the defaults, but it appears the max is 750emails and up to 2 weeks old
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
IIRC a new BES activation will only sync 200 emails so you will get the latest 200 emails synced on the initial activasion, and new ones coming in will of course also be synced.
LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
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