tsql update statement to amend year in datetime field

I have a table with startdate and enddate of type date time

How can I do a t-sql update statement to amend the year part in the datetime field
Currently all datetime fields are in 2008
2008-07-20 00:00:00.000

However I want the year to change to 2010 so it would look like

2010-07-20 00:00:00.000

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Update table xtable
set datecolumn = dateadd(Year, 2, datecolumn )
mugseyAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks can u amend so it just updates row that only have a year of 2008?  So to ignore say 2007
UPDATE yourtable
SET col = DATEADD(year, 2, col)
WHERE YEAR(col) = 2008;
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Update table xtable
set datecolumn = dateadd(Year, 2, datecolumn ) where year(datecolumn)=2008
Actually, using the function year is not the best approach if you have lots of records in your table since it will not take advantage of the indexes. The best way to take advantage of the indexes is doing something like this
Update table xtable
set datecolumn = dateadd(Year, 2, datecolumn ) where datecolumn >= '2008-01-01' and datecolumn < '2009-01-01'

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Update Orders
Set OrderDate = DateAdd(yy,2,OrderDate)
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