how to allow vnc on sonicwall tz170


I cant seem to find the setting that allows me to port forward vnc to an internal machine. I am using a sonicwall tz170
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You need to configure an access rule.  Access rules are located under Firewall.
Cas KristCommented:
Are you running standard OS or Enhanced?
Cas KristCommented:
Take a look at the public server wizard. (if you have one)
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jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
it will work and then it wont?? its not registered so will it have restriction?
Cas KristCommented:
It should work even it is not registered.
Are you running SonicOS Standard or Enhanced?
Cas KristCommented:
First create a Service.

Firewall -> Services -> Add

Setup the port parameters for VNC.

Now go to Access Rules -> WAN to LAN

Add a Rule Like This

Action: AllowSource: AnyDestination: Your External IP Address InterfaceService: The Service You CreatedUsers: AllSchedule: Always OnTick "Logging" and "Allow Fragmented Packets"

Now goto Network -> NAT Policies

Add a Policy like this:

Original: Any
Translated: Original
Destination: Your External IP Address Interface
Translated: IP address object of your LAN Device VNC is installed on, Create it if you have not already
Original: The VNC Service you created
Transtaled: Original
Inbound/Outbound: Any

That's it... Repeat this same procedure for any service you want to make operate through the firewall on any Sonicwall device, it's similar.

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