Citrix PS 4.5 product change from Enterprise to Advanced


I am wondering if it is possible to turn an Enterprise version to an Advanced one without uninstalling the farm on the server hosting the datastore DB?

Thanks for your replies.

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Carl WebsterCommented:
right-click the server and change edition.  A reboot may be required.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Sorry, right-click the server in the management console.
Make sure you install the upgraded licenses on your license server FIRST.  
To set the product edition

The product editions of XenApp support different features. To activate the features available with a particular edition installed on each server, set the product edition on each server through Citrix policies.

The product edition also determines which type of license a server requests from the license server. Make sure the edition you set match the licenses you installed.

Locate the Citrix policies for Server Settings, and configure the XenApp product edition setting.
Create a filter to apply the policy to specific worker groups.
To apply the change, you must restart each server affected by the policy.
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