Call home parity problems?

the problem I'm having with call home I believe deals with parity. Here's the deal:

Im trying to send a test notification (via pager) from a RISC box. I can get the notification to ping
a pager no problem, but when I try to send the test notification to a program that turns that page
into an email, it never gets through. I believe the problem stems from the parity. On the risc box,
I have to log in using 9600 baud 8 None 1 parity. The email program runs at 1200 baud 7 Even 1
parity. The modem im using auto detects the difference in baud but cant seem to detect the
difference in parity. Is there a way around this or do the two programs need to have the same
parity settings to work?

I've double checked the email program to make sure that it functions how it should, I can log into
the program with the correct settings via netterm and enter a notification and get an email no

Any light you can shed on this would help immensely.

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They must use the same parity setting.  Modem can detect baud rate differences (this is actually negotiated) but they have no clue about data bits, parity bits, or stop bits.
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