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I need to open a corrupt VHD file to copy the files inside.  We've already tried to mount it with VMware 4 and VMware workstation 6.5.3.  in addition, we tried to use ParentolLogic and WinImage conversion tools to change it to a vmdk file and mount it as a drive.  That didn't work.  
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Rich LeclairCommented:
Have you tried VMware converter? or winmount?
You could try winimage to open the VHD file to extract the data you need.

Rondex1Author Commented:
We tried using the softwares recommended, but we still couldn't open the file.  We believe the file is corrupted.  We ended up reinstalling and reconfiguring the services on the server.  The suggestion was a good one and one that we hadn't tried yet, however, still didn't help us resolve the issue.  
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