DS3300 & VMware ESXi4

We have decided to run through the VMware evaluators guide, here is our hardware. Full isolated network in a test environment.

HOST: 34 gigs ram, 1x 73 gig, 2x dual nic, 1x dual onboard nic (IBM 3650M2)
SWITCH: HP5400ZL blade based.

So far i have the cabling all on a flat lan @ 100 mbit, only because we cant make it work. I am new to both the DS3300 and VMware, but have been a tech for a long time.

I have read many documents to make this work but am stuck.

ON THE DS3300:
Currently i have IPs assigned to management which work. and
Currently i have IPs assigned to iSCSI network on the

Under the iSCSI software initiator i have added in the IPs of the iSCSI nodes as listed above
We did build the Vswitch stuff as in the document, with the exception of the IPs.

Lets start here and see where we can go. This is going to be a long drawn out question i am sure, as my iSCSI\VMware education grows.

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wlacroixAuthor Commented:
So at no point can i ping the IP that is attached to the iSCSI on the host,
According to the evaluators guide I should be able to "scan" and find my storage stuff, but alas no.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:

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wlacroixAuthor Commented:
We also think that the vSwitch is configured wrong, in the fact that there should be 4 dedicated network nodes according to our diagram for iSCSI traffic.
Once the basics are sorted out we will get a little more complexed and put the storage on its own VLAN according to the document as well, for security and speed reasons.
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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
A single vmfs extent cannot be more than 2 TB in size, hence I would request you to size your 12 TB datastore accordingly.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:

So as it sits currently it is a raid 10, with 2 logical drives 60 gigs each. Sorry I did not show the logical drive picture.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
Here is the current setup, does this need to change?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
The logical drive setup is fine.
Are you planning to boot the ESX Host from LUN or would this be a local disk installation ?
wlacroixAuthor Commented:

ESXi is installed on a local drive, (it will be a mirror eventualy). Only the VM machines will boot off of the NAS, so i guess the answer to your question is NO.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I can see 2 Gigabit Ethernet and 4 Fast Ethernet Cards in our vSwitch Setup.
My suggestion would be to create a separate vSwitch and create a VMKernel Port Group for iSCSI Traffic and use another vSwitch for your Service Console and Virtual Machine traffic.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
Updated as requested. IP is on the iSCSI Kernel Port
Please see Image
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
I reconfigured this to 192.168.55.x, retooled it, removed chap etc. Now i can see the 2x 60 gig partitions.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
So now that things are moving along, I built some test logical drives.
In this case, i went back and removed the 2TB drive we talked about earlier, because VMware did not like it.
So now if i wanted or needed to build a 3TB drive, in this case I could not, due to the logical drives between me and my other set of free space.

In the case of VMware needing MORE space, how does one go about expanding the space avaliable? Would you build a logical drive then assign it to the VM? or would you backup\restore rebuild a LUN?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I would allocate LUNs as per my requirement, either 4 or 5 small LUNs for similar VMs or 2 or 3 Large LUNs.
VMware allows you to use 32 X 2 TB extents (64 TB Volume) but I strongly discourage this practice since it can cause SCSI Reservations and lockup issues.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:

This is what we simulated above, then the 2TB one was no longer in use by our "simulated system" now this space can be carved up again for more use, I guess in this situation there will always be unallocated space?

I did not want to use extents or any RDMs, but let VMware handle the storage stuff. In my opinion less complicated is the better way to go.

wlacroixAuthor Commented:
On the storage side, I currently have 12x 1TB drives in a raid 10 giving me 5.544 TB of useable space. There has been some discussion amongst my group of building multi raid levesl on our DS3300 to further maxamize space \ disk \ IO.

In most cases it seems the industry would have 2 raids in my storage system, one raid 10 of 6 disks and one raid 5 of 6 disks.

What is your opinion on this?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
Lesser the number of LUNs, lesser the problem is my opinion.
Setting different RAID levels on the SAN is acceptable depending on the VM types, if you have a SQL VM or VMs, then RAID 10 would perform than RAID 5 since they are disk intensive and if you have Web Servers as VMs then RAID 5 would be acceptable since they are NIC intensive.
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
That is why i choose the raid 10 right off the hop, while the space loss is not that nice, the performance for ALL my VMs being on the same system would be a simpler setup.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
On any given day, recovery and performance are most important than lost disk space :)
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