New server. 2003 R2 everyone has read only rights

So I just migrated to a new server. 2003 R2, with exchange on it. Everything seemed to go well. Problem this morning is everyone has read-only rights. If I look on the server, everything looks fine. For instance, my 'Home' folder says I am the owner, and I have full rights, but from my desk, it is all read-only.

Any global settings I should be looking at? This is strue of all users for all folders and files....
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Check the SHARE permissions - I bet its read only
PurpleWineAuthor Commented:

I swear, I saw your post as I was resetting all the folder rights I worked so hard on yesturday. And guess what? You were right, share rights. Oh well, working now. Thanks!!
Sometimes this happens when folder redirection is not turned off during the migration, however when this happened i had to go into each folder and re-add the user with full permissions, (my migration was from sbs 2003 - sbs 2008).  I only had to do if for 92 users and it took maybe a little over an hour.
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