SCCM Windows Update

We have a update deployment template set with the following settings:

Suppress display notifications on clients
Template Duration 2 weeks
Allow Restart outside of maintenance windows

The maintenance window is set to Saturday at 5:00PM to 9:00PM. For an unknown reason, the clients are still being given the ballon pop up and choice to "Install Now" or "Advanced Installation" during the software updates. We need these clients to just install the updates and reboot.
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Hey Levi!

Yeah, you need to set the deadline for the time you want the deployment to enforce the installs.  It's sort of similar to the Mandatory time on a distribution advertisement.

In other words, if you want the updates to force immediate installs on Apr 30, 2010 at 06:00, you must set the Deadline for that specific date/time.  If you continue to project a Deadline for a distant future date/time, the installs are option to the users.

Hello Levi!

First, I'd advise you to review your GPO pertaining to Computer Configuration -- Administrative Templates -- Windows Components -- Windows Update

Within the Windows Update policies, you have numerous options to configure to how Windows Updates acts when it reaches the client.  You can Enable or Disable the policies to fit your organization.

Remember:  if you have a maintenance window set, but you have Allow Restart outside of maintenance window, the workstations/servers will reboot at will.

Please refer to this for further GPO/Windows Updates best practices:

have you configured a deadline for the updates?
LeviCaparoonAuthor Commented:

Yes there is a deadline set. It is the following Saturday, just in case a system is powered off.
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