Save For Web & Devices has missing slices in preview

When I try to save a particular web page layout using 'Save For Web & Devices', it is is missing slices in the preview and the resultant HTML.  Any idea why?  All I see in their place is the transparent looking matte background.
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jigdogAuthor Commented:
It cleared up when I deleted the slices and recreated them using the Slice Tool.  Would still like to know what caused it.  I was exporting to HTML and GIF images slices.
I'd run a repair on that.  It sounds like you have a corrupted file in PS.
jigdogAuthor Commented:
Run a repair ... elaborate?
what file type are you trying to save it??
Step 1
Select the slice tool:

Step 2
right click that slice that you are missing and select Slice-Options.

Step 3
Now select Slice-Type: Image
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