Can't open file on FTP Site using Internet Explorer 6.0

I have designed my Web Application to send an email with a link to my ftp site so the user can click on it to open files. It is password protected.

I am using a different version of Internet Explorer and it works as intended... I click on the link in the email, I am prompted for logon credentials, and once provided I am presented with the option to 'Open' the file.

My friend at work can't do this with Internet explorer 6.0 as mentioned.. I confirmed that the Browser option of 'Enable FTP Folder view' is selected in my friend's I.E. 6.0 advanced options..

Any ideas?
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Being a work account, is it possible his account does not have FTP access?

Any chance he can upgrade to IE8?
jamesdean666Author Commented:
It's weird.. she is able to open the ftp site by navigating to it in I.E. 6.0 and typing the the address... it's the link in the Email message that is not working...

We're trying to prevent upgrading I.E. if possible.
What does your friend get?
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jamesdean666Author Commented:
In the header of I.E. it reads 'Cannot find server'.  In the body of I.E., it reads 'To attempt fixing network connectivity problems, click Tools, and then click "Diagnose Connection Problems..".  The url is displaying the correct link to the document on the ftp site.
That sounds like he can not resolve your host name into an IP address.

Are you providing the FQDN in the link?  If your friend goes to a command prompt and issue the command:


What happens?
jamesdean666Author Commented:
What qualifies as an FQDN?

This is the output from typing that command in the command prompt:


Non-authoritative answer:

FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name, which is basically the full host name including the domain.

I am assuming that is the correct IP address.  If he goes to a command prompt and enters:


can he connect?

Is the ftp server on your internal network or is it on the Internet?  When you do this are you at work?


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jamesdean666Author Commented:
This ended up being a security issue on the server.
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