[264] An attempt was made to send an email when no email session has been established


I am running SQL Server 2005 SP3 and I have a problem with receiving email notifications.
I setup a Database profile and when I send out a test email then I receive it. I then enabled the mail profile in the SQL Server Agent  properties but in there the test button is greyed out.

After all of this I created an SQL JOB and configured to receive notifications if the jb fails. Well the emails are never being send out. When I check the SQL Server Agent logs then I find the errors below with time stamps when the email should be send out:
Date            4/25/2010 8:03:24 PM
Log            SQL Agent (Current - 4/25/2010 8:03:00 PM)

[264] An attempt was made to send an email when no email session has been established

I looked here in the forum but I was not able to find any useable solution.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you
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TRy this:

1. Uncheck "Enable mail profile" on SQL agent properties/Alert system
2. Stop SQL Agent
3. Start SQL Agent
4. Enable database mail in the properties
5. Stop SQL Agent
6. Start SQL Agent


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Mc2102Author Commented:
Hello bchoor,

I just followed your procedure.  Now when I execute the job manually and it fails it should send me a notification as well right?
It should - Is it giving any errors? Can you do a try catch exception around the send mail command and insert the exception_message into an exception table? that way we can see what issue is occurring - when you do it manually.



  EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @profile_name = 'aaa', '@recipients = 'someone@co.com', @body = 'Job did not complete', @subject = 'Job did not complete'
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If the emails are coming from SQL SErver Agent (i.e. notifications per job status) , then it won't unless you force the job to run through SQL SErver agent.
Mc2102Author Commented:

I just ran my job again and made it fail in intention and everything worked. The email notification was send out.

The fix is a little odd but it worked. So thank you very much.
Mc2102Author Commented:
Worked! Thank you.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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