Outlook 2007 Calendar locks up in Month view

My Outlook 2007 calendar automatically deletes any non-recurring calendar events older than 2 months. I'm looking for this time setting but cannot find it? (Auto-archive interval is 6 months). My IT guy says if it is a server-side (Exchange) setting, it is a default because he didn't change it, but he's thinking it's client-side.

More frustrating, when in the Month view, when I try to scroll back prior to Jan 31 (into the Jan month view), my Outlook stops responding (Task Manager shows Outlook at a steady 50% CPU, but it never seems to complete.) I've noticed this in the past and it seems to happen if I go back 3 months. This issue doesn't happen if I'm in Day or Week view, only in Month view. Suggestions?

I've tried isolating recurring events (moving to a new calendar & back) but got no errors. Also tried disabling COM Add-ins one-at-a-time, but no luck either.
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YiHateuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the auto-deletion of items older than 2 months issue

Do you use a BB, Win CE or other mobile device that syncs with Outlook?  You may have a setting in that software which then auto-syncs with Outlook and deletes items.
jdallen75Author Commented:
A little more info:
If I "arrow" forward or backwards in Month view, Outlook doesn't lock up. It's only when I "scroll" through January from either direction (starting in Dec/09 or Feb/10).
jdallen75Author Commented:
Good call YiHateu on the auto-delete... it was my BB that was doing that.
I'll try to award partial points for that once the other issue is dealt with.
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jdallen75Author Commented:
1. Created temp calendar file
2. Copied calendar events over to temp
3. Cleared out default calendar (resolved hanging issue, whatever it was)
4. Copied calendar events back (can't delete default calendar file)
5. Deleted temp file
jdallen75Author Commented:
Helped resolve 1 of 2 issues
Nice work.  I'm glad you were able to figure out a workaround.
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