Replace access.log file in squid


I have acccidently deleted my access.log file in /var/log/squid. I just wanted to clear the file and thought I could erase and re-create it. Now I have created a blank file but squid is failing to start, could someone tell me how to get a correct copy of the access.log file back so I can carry on putting my internet traffic through the proxy,
I am running fedora 12 distro

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Glad it worked, please dont forget to close this question
delete the file you just created

and just try to restart squid

it should create the access.log file automatically

if it failed then the permission

try the first options see how it goes
if the first options fail

then create the access.log file

and then change the permission to

chown squid:squid access.log file

it should be like this

-rw-r----- 1 squid squid   525 Apr 26 08:31 access.log

danmurphAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, worked with the first option
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