how to create a wrapper in drupal

I know how to do this in joomla, but am struggling in drupal

I want an external web page displayed, while I still have the menus - a wrapper basically

how can this be done in drupal (latest stable release)
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gddl630Author Commented:
found it in

This works just like the Joomla wrapper. The below code will display Google. Clicking any links or doing a search will refresh the page inside the iFrame (ie: wrapper). Worked both in FF2 and IE7. I didn't test on any other browser.

I had to set a specific pixel height because when I put it to 100% it crops the iFrame very small. Not sure why, if anyone can lend input on this it would be appreciated.

Create a new story, page, or whatever.
Cut and paste the code below into the body of the content (view html or source if your using WYSIWYG editor)
Input type should be full html
<p><iframe scrolling="auto" src="" style="border-style: hidden; width: 100%; height: 600px;"></iframe></p>
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