move blackberry enterprise express SQL files to new partition

Hi chaps,

Wondered if I could get a bit of help.

Got a query regarding the new blackberry enterprise server express.

Basically the BESMgmt SQL 2005 database files (.mdf and .ldf) are located on the C: of my customer's SBS 2003 Server. What I want to do is to move these to the E: which is a separate partition on the same server. Reason due to space on the C: as the database grows.

In terms of SQL Express 2005 I can just detach the BESMgmt database, copy the mdf and ldf files to the new folder on the E: and then re-attach the database using the E: files.

However, I am not certain what needs to be done in terms of pointing the Blackberry Enterprise Server to the new data and backup paths which you have to do when installing it in the first place.

There are so many forums on moving BES to a new SQL Server but I don't want to do that. I just want to move the database files.

Any ideas?


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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
taken from

BlackBerry Configuration Database on a Microsoft SQL Server with a different directory structure

Copy the BlackBerry Configuration Database backup to the C:\ path of the new Microsoft SQL Server.
From a command prompt, type osql -E and press Enter.
Note: When logging in to a named instance of the Microsoft SQL Server, use the following command:

osql -E -S \

Type the following commands in the specified order:
1> restore database  from disk = "C:\.bak" with move "_data" to "\MSSQL\Data\.mdf", move "_log" to "\MSSQL\Data\.ldf"

2> go

1> quit
cobrasupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks cs97jjm3

yep that worked, as expected.

i didn't think it would be as easy as just detach/reattaching the database. presumed there was some BES config to do too.


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