Mail Folders disappear when clicking on Folders view - Lotus Notes 8.5.1 client

A user has quite a large mail file (over 8GB).  He is having trouble opening his folders view.  When he clicks on the + sign to expand Folders view, the views all disappear from Trash and below.  Have you seen this before?  
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bstichConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Tobias, yes, I tried that and it still exhibits the same behaviour...(cannot access folders from the main view).  He does have a really large number of folders as well (well over 100)

Have you tried to replace the mailbox design and select to upgrade the folders?

Regards, Tobias
bstichAuthor Commented:
Actually, that did work in the end.  Thanks!!
Did the "replace the mailbox design and select to upgrade the folders" fix the problem?
   Hi there bstich,,,

- On the console run the command of  load compact -B mail\put here the user's filename ,,,,, this will reduce the size of the mailbox of the user and delete the white space if there is any .
- In the snap you posted above it seems to be a lotus notes6.5 or LN7 instead of LN8.5 ,,, So, I also suggest to run the following commands ,,,,
load convert -u mail\put here the user's filename * mail85.ntf
load compact -c mail\put here the user's filename
After you finish ,,, refersh design ,,, replace design ,,, rebuild views ( Ctrl+Shift+F9)

Best Wishes

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