Cisco 1142 aironet WAPs lose network connectivity

I have two Cisco aironet 1142 WAPs connected to a Dell Powerconnect 6248 switch and the WAPs are powered by a Cisco 1250 series power injector .  The WAPs lose all network connectivity on a daily basis.  I cannot ping, ssh, telnet (basically anything network related) to the WAPs.  Nor can the WAPs pass any traffic through them.  I am able to remedy the problem by rebooting the WAPs.  After rebooting the WAPs, they are able to function normally for about 8 hours or so.  I do have the same model of WAPs connected to a powerconnect 3248 switch and do not experience these problems.  On the WAPs connected to the 6248 switch, I am using the native VLAN 1 for corporate traffic authenticating via a RADIUS server and VLAN 30 for guest traffic authenticating via WPA from the WAPs.  When the WAPs do lose network connectivity, I can console into them and notice that workstations can authenticate to the WAPs via VLAN 30, however workstations on VLAN 30 cannot accept or pass traffic through the WAPs.  VLAN 1 clients cannot connect because they are unable to reach the RADIUS server due to the WAPs losing all network connectivity.  Any suggestion on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.
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try connecting the WAPs to different ports on the switch.
if they work fine then I would replace the the switch.
if they don't I would replace one WAP
if it works fine then replace the other one.

This kind of problem is typical of damage to the electronic components due to power spikes and surges. The damage is cumulative and eventually ends up causing this kind of frustrating problem.
I have a list of similar intermittent problems that when they occur I just replace the unit affected.
We have a lot of lightning here and I stopped buying high end equipment long ago.
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