Help with CSS and Div Runat server

I have a <div> tag on my page that uses a CSS ID class to position itself and sets some text and background color attributes.  

Here's my problem.  If I load the page without the "runat" it loads with the correct CSS properties.  However, if I add the runat="server" to the div tag the CSS properties do not get applied to the div tag?

I need to add the runat because I want to control the divs visibility from the code behind.

So basically, this loads the CSS properties....

<div id="testPop">This is my div!.</div>

And this doesn't....

<div id="testPop" runat="server">This is my div!.</div>

What am I missing?  The page uses a masterpage so could that be the problem.  The CSS file is called in the masterpage.
     padding: 20px;

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use style instead:

<div id="testPop" style="styleName"></div>

<div id="testPop" style="testPop"></div>

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cdemott33Author Commented:
It worked!  I'm not sure why but it worked?  What's the difference between the ID and the STYLE?
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Here's what you need.  Just change the type of jquery animation to whichever kind you want.
What's the difference between the ID and the STYLE?

The ID can only be used on one element/tag.
The style can be used on many elements.
cdemott33Author Commented:
MikeMSCD - Understood but I'm still confussed.  Why can't I use an ID selectors?  Why must I use a style selector?  In my case (in my head anyway) it should not matter.  Ok, yes, I can only use it on one element, but what if that's all I want to use it for... one element.

I'm just trying to get my head around this one, because to me, it shouldn't matter.
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