Exchange SMTP Queue, external message viewer?

This is a bit odd, but here's my situation:
We had a security issue over the weekend, where our Exchange server got hit with a very bad case of spammers.  As of this morning we had over 350,000 emails in our SMTP queue, 99% of which is the same spam message (Nigerian scam).  We've taken the necessary steps to remove the security issue.

What I've done so far, is stop the SMTP server, then rename the queue folder.  Re-create a new queue folder, and start the SMTP.  Now I have a folder with 350K+ emails in it, most of which are to delete, but some are legit.  I noticed all the spam messages were 3KB, so I pulled all messages other than 3KB into the new queue (And checked them)

So, my question, it there anyway to look at these emails contents (even just a sender or subject would be enough) without opening each one separately?  Like the built in queue viewer?  I can't sue that as I already have move the files out of the queue (and trying to delete from inside the queue manager freezes up the system manager.)

Any Suggestions?
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Vishal BreedConnect With a Mentor Program ManagerCommented:
1> Update your Exchange server to SP2.

2> please check ""

- You need to follow only "Recipient Filtering" "Enabling Filtering" sections mentioned in the article. Please do not enable sender filtering unless you have configured as mentioned in article.

Once you have completed 1 and 2;

3> Check whether your exchange server allows relay/spam and how to prevent it -
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you will need some scripting for that, but out of the box you cannot do that
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