CSS font-family: correct naming for Univers 67 Bold Condensed?

First, I KNOW it isn't a common font, and I'll degrade to Arial Narrow, and then to Arial (unless anyone can name me another common condensed bold type), and then to Sans.

Also, I think I'll have to use the font-weight to get the Arial Narrow Bold, is this correct? E.g.,

{font-family: "arial narrow"; font-weight: bold;}

...and will this impact the Univers?

FYI, Mac 10.5.8, FF 3.6.3

I've tried every combination I can think of ("univers condensed", "univers bold condensed", "univers condensed bold", "univers 67 bold condensed", "UniversLTStd-BoldCn" [found that one at http://csscreator.com/topic/font-face-not-working-ie7-maybe-ie8-too], "UniversStd-BoldCn", "Univers-BoldCn", "Univers-67BoldCn"...)

Going nuts here. Help or suggestions much appreciated! Points for speed...
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You could embed the font, that way anyone using a browser with a little css3 support (firefox 3+, ie8, safari) will get the embedded font. If you go to font squirrel (http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface/generator) you can upload a font, they convert the font into the three or formats you'll need and generate the css for you. Aren't they cool?!
Nenad RajsicCommented:
when you open up your font file see how it's named (everything before (Trye Type) text).  just enter it in that format (uppercase,lowercase-hyphens etc)

or try this line for your font face
font-family: Univers67-BoldCn;

hope that helps
if your font is already bold the font-weight must be set to normal, if you set it to bold, it will affect the Univers. Check your filename. ¿Are you embedding the font? Showing your css might help : )
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amateur6Author Commented:
No luck, thanks tho.

I've been playing around and it seems a little random -- Zapfino and Apple Chancery are fine, but AppleCasual isn't (even though they were both original to the system -- I thought that might be a factor).

The one thing that DOES seem to be consistent is that any font that ISN'T in my main Library (e.g., anything in my user account Library) DOESN'T show up.

I guess I'll drop the standard for my answer back from "what's the right name" to "can anyone else confirm this, or is it just my machine"? Mac only, in that case. Thanks again.
amateur6Author Commented:
Oops, sorry. As a fast way to test, I'm using the w3's TryIt Editor:


(I've got the first line set to say "Times New Roman" so that I can tell at a glance whether it's showing up in the default!)
<style type="text/css">
p.test{font-family: Zapfino;}
p.sansserif{font-family: "Arial Narrow"; font-weight: bold;}

<h1>CSS font-family</h1>
<p class="test">This is a paragraph, shown in the Times New Roman font.</p>
<p>This is a paragraph, shown in the Times New Roman font.</p>
<p class="sansserif">This is a paragraph, shown in the Arial Narrow font.</p>


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amateur6Author Commented:
A workaround, but a good one. Thanks.
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