Tool to export email based on message size

Is there a tool I can use to extract emails from mailboxes based on the email's size? For example: I want to scan 1000 mailboxes and export, to PST, or remove, all email messages larger than 25 MB. I tried ExMerge but that does not have a size option. Thank you.
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Khurram Ullah KhanCommented:
As per my experience there is no way for doing this out of the box.
Khurram Ullah KhanCommented:
export-mailbox is the replacement of exmerge in 2007 but it has some limitation. you can delete messages based on different parameters but not by a single message size. following is the link for export mailbox command
cyberleo2000Author Commented:
Thanks, but I looked into export-mailbox. I need to be able to export emails based on their size.
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