How do I reset administrator password forgotten ?

How to reset administrator pwd if you forgot what it is
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Use this utility to reset or blank out the admin password.
This tools will help

- Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
- Cain & Abel
- John The Ripper
- PCLoginNow -
- ultimatebootcd

Top 5 Tools:
I think you can reset the jumpers near the system battery if all else fails.  They probably look like this:   *[**]  You want to move the little blue rubber or plastic jumper over to the other end so that it looks like this [**]*     It's really easy.  Move it over, wait a few seconds (about 10 or so) and then move it back to it's original position.  This will reset your bios settings and should get rid of the admin password.  
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
sypv_mullins is referring to BIOS passwords, which are different.  

The top link is excellent, and I've used it several times, it's just a bit techie.  But basically it workss just accepting all the default options.

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