how do i make grep return only one match?

i have a variable that contains multiple matches.

RESULT = "Debra Jones Debra Jones Jonathon Taylor"

MATCH=`echo $RESULT |  grep -i -o -h -f ncm.txt`

MATCH contains  "Debra Jones Debra Jone" because ncm.txt is a list of names.

I need for grep to return only ONE match. How do I do this?

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Which result would you liket o see?

The first one?

MATCH=$(echo $RESULT |  grep -i -o -h -f ncm.txt | head -1)

The last one?

MATCH=$(echo $RESULT |  grep -i -o -h -f  ncm.txt | tail -1)

Or did I understand you wrong? In this case, please explain!

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